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Welcome to SEOENZ’s services. We offer multiple services to help you jump start your next Short-Term Rental Endeavor. 

1. Airbnb Consultation

We offer two levels of consultation: 1. The interview, in this aspect you come to one of our events and let us know the plan. Weather you already own the place or have a spare room you which to place on Airbnb, we can help you figure our the best strategy and obtain the best profits out of Airbnb. The second level, 2. The Visit, is where we visit your property, analyze the feasibility of our initial strategy. We can point to the repairs that may be needed before we head into the next step. At this stage, we will give you a better idea of the profits you can make of your space. 

2. Space Preparation

After the consultation, examination of the proposed area looks for minor defects that can be fixed. Some of the common reparations are:

  • Painting
  • Fixing holes on walls, from damage or previous hangings
  • Remove Popcorn Texture from drywalls
  • Change lighting fixtures and bulb heat
  • Update electrical switches or plugs 
  • Mount TV mounts
  • Install rods or shelves (e.i. for towels, books, etc.)
  • Install keyless door knobs

3. Staging: Design, Furnish and Decorate

Staging is a step that will transform your area into an experience. This step rearranges the furniture you may already have, and/or new furniture may be purchased for the room. Our in-house designer will select a theme or style that fits your area and purchase decorative artwork that will accent your space and blend into the overall design of the premises. 

4. Short Term Rental Set Up and Listing

Once the Staging is finished, we turn your furnished rental space into an "Airbnb Set Up". With this, we mean that all the necessary amenities are included that your guest know they need in a short term rental. Usual items are included in a Forget Basket and filled with everyday toiletries and the sort. Set up of your space also includes addition of basic items for daily operation in the bath and kitchen. 

The listing is a detailed description of the room, the area, how your guest is going to check-in, how they are gonna get there, what amenities are available in the premises, a guide on parking a vehicle, etc. The descriptions in these areas are written to make sure the capture all the details and keywords, this is important due to the platform's algorithm. The more relevant keywords included the better your listing will be listed on Airbnb Search Results. 

5. Co-Hosting Services

Communication with the guest is critical for 5-star reviews. All messages between the guest and the host are important to enhance the guest's stay and deliver an outstanding experience. This is a 24/7 job; keeping track of your check-ins as well as providing tips to enjoy the city. We believe that experience is a big factor influencing the communication and this is a key trait Made by Seoenz may provide to your listings. Delegating your listing to a an experienced Host provides excellent escalation opportunities in the Real Estate profession. Contact us today to receive a custom quote on any or all of our services. 

6. Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance 

Our 5-Start Turnover Maintenance cleaning is now available for your Airbnb as a stand alone product. This fits perfectly for current host that seek to delegate only the cleaning and maintenance of their area. Turnaround Maintenance is key for a successful Airbnb listing. Our high expectations deliver a unit exactly as the pictures intend and how the customer bought the listing.
    See more about this resource at Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance page.
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    7. Airbnb Workshops

    Education is an essential part to success while undertaking a new skill. Twice a year we offer affordable in-person classes in El Paso, TX to instruct Airbnb enthusiasts our proven systems and methods for a successful Airbnb business. 
    If you are interested, here is the catalog of our upcoming classes:
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    8.0 Real Estate Investing

     We buy and rehab houses for Short-Term Property Management.
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