Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance

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Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance FAQs

Turnaround Maintenance is key for a successful Airbnb listing. Consistent high quality cleaning is the single and most important aspect of your guest stay. Every single space is inspected to match your guest’s expectations and all amenities provided by your listing. Our high cleaning standards and thorough checklist create a comprehensive Turnover Maintenance that has successfully helped us scale and take care of our guest with the same outstanding hospitality.
Today, our 5-Start Turnover Maintenance is available for your Airbnb as a stand-alone product. Our Turnover Maintenance fits perfectly for the current host that seek to delegate only cleaning and maintenance of their Airbnb area.

What is Turnover Maintenance?

Every time your guest checks out and another one checks in, we have a time lapse that we call “turnaround”. At this time, we have time to check the conditions left by the previous guest. Take note of any accidents, missing items and take care of odors.
Cleaning is an important aspect of the Turnaround. Cleaning Checklist is followed and inspected. Linens and sheets are removed for later cleaning and backup sheets are used. 
At this time we also have time to check any leaks, check for running hot water and other common maintenance issues. 

What is the Pricing for this Service?

Pricing for Turnover Maintenance and the inspection is charged to your guest as a “Cleaning Service” and our charge matches this charge. Any plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc issues arises from the inspection will incur in extra charges depending on the issue. 

What is provided and what is not?

What is provided by this service?

We provide the expertise, checklist, labor and equipment for a fast turnaround.

Every crew has an person inspecting the cleaning routine. 

We also provide inspection of leaks or other common maintenance issue.

What is not provided by this service?

All soaps, tissues, and other amenities used by your guest. We may provide a list per your request.

All cleaning supplies. That means bleach, Windex, paper towels and other cleaning supplies.  

We expect a minimum 2 linen sets for a prompt turnaround. We recommended all white linen for best results. 



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