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Airbnb Cleaning Services in El Paso TX

Airbnb Cleaning Services in El Paso TX

Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance (HCM), Offering a stress-free turnover service for your Short-Term Rentals

We have realized that cleaning services and emergency maintenance are the most labor-intensive part of running an Airbnb. That's why we're delighted to introduce our newest venture today, called Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance (HCM) Made by SEOENZ.

Short Term rental owners have always understood the importance of keeping their properties clean for their guests, but now with the Pandemic, Airbnbs and guests are demanding a higher quality of cleaning. Maintaining your property can be a difficult task; cleaning the restrooms, washing sheets & linens, and cleaning the kitchen are constant duties that are draining your time and energy.

As experienced Airbnb Superhost ourselves, we have developed a team that rely on systems to replicate great cleaning and maintenance services in all our properties. To reduce your workload, we have put everything together to promptly manage your Airbnb Turnaround every time your guest checks out.

HCM services

Maintaining a Short Term rental property requires a significant amount of time and effort to ensure that it is done correctly. However, it may be difficult to handle everything when running a full-time job or business. Our team will be able to provide you a fast turn around specifically designed to meet your Airbnb guest's expectations.

It is not only cleaning, it is a Professional Airbnb Turnaround

Our HCM Services team provides Airbnb turnaround services that meet the strict hospitality standards required by Superhosts for premium short-term rental properties. We thrive to ensure  your guests are satisfied with the cleanliness of your stay.

Airbnb Turnaround Services

  • Deep Clean - Our expert Airbnb team will assess the level of work required to clean a room beforehand. We are not only one-man teams. We ensure that your short-term stay is pristine, and that the turnaround is fast. We thive to clean, stage and inspect with the utmost professionalism and care,
  • Re-Stage our team is guided by photographs from your listing and are aware of how it should appear at all times. As a result, we make sure that your Airbnb rental appears just like the photo.
  • Inspection - Every turnaround has a team lead available that conducts its own inspection and has separate checklists to verify the cleanliness of your Airbnb.
  • Protecting Your Home - Our team is trained to photograph any damage or areas of concern after each guest's stay and send it to the chain of command for proper decision making. And, if needed, conduct a claim.

We take care of everything at HCM, from cleanliness to maintenance. Your maintenance fee will be a flat fee depending on what needs to be done. For instance:

Airbnb Maintenance Services

  • Excellent for Out-Of_Town Investors - With our cleaning service, you can have a piece of mind that we will look for common maintenance issues while we conduct our top-notch Airbnb Turnover Service. Letting you know if any maintenance should be done to keep your investment producing.
  • Hand-in-Hand with Cleaning - Our team is experienced to observe for common maintenance issues, such as faucet leaks or drywall damage everytime we perform a Turnaround. Minor issues are fixed at the moment. All others are reported to the chain in command and reported to the Host.
  • Preventive Maintenance - We'll also take preventative measures to avoid future problems. For example, if we notice that the hot water is progressively getting colder and colder, it could be a sign that the boiler has given up or that it needs maintenance. There are some issues that we'll be able to figure out thanks to our experienced cleaning professionals, when not, it is quickly noted to the host.
  • Maintenance on Demand- Due to the nature of Airbnb,we only have a couple of hours to make a space available for the next guest.What if the boiler fails? Our staff is readily available for this type of “emergency repairs''. Trust us that the unit will be ready on time. (Emergency Expenses are billed separately after the host’s approval).

We at HCM ensure your peace of mind with its fast, efficient, and meticulous teams. Because we understand that customers want the finest degree of cleanliness, we clean, scrub, sweep, and wipe with meticulous attention to detail.


What distinguishes HCM from other Housekeeping & Cleaning services?

  • As a team, we strive to offer Airbnb guests nothing less than the very best in housekeeping at your property to ensure that the WOW factor is apparent from the moment visitors steps into your property.
  • Our team of professional cleaners has years of experience and expertise in both housekeeping and high-end hospitality services and are ready to offer nothing less than the best in Airbnb housekeeping.
  • After guests checkout, we’ll clean your property on the same day, ensuring it’s ready for the next guest. Every job is tracked internally with a library of photos before and after. Our Quality Assurance team assesses real-time reports that show us if the cleaning is up to our high standards
  • Reported Damages - If an Airbnb unit shows damages, we will let you know about and ensure your property always looks its best. Our team will help you be an attentive host by making sure your space shines as you show your guests that you are an attentive host!

It's no secret that hiring and automating an Airbnb cleaning service is vital to the success of your property. A sparkling property will get you extra reviews and help to maintain a superhost rating. We ensure our cleaning crew and your property are a perfect fit, so we know you will be inviting those 5-star cleanliness reviews soon. And best of all, it liberates you to scale your business!

Are you an Airbnb host?

Would you like to learn more about how HCM Short Term Rental Services can secure your Short Term rental business?

Then request a free quote or chat with one of our professionals now.

More information regarding our cleanliness requirements can be found here.


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