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Product Market Research

Identification of a market for a product is key for success. Thanks to E-Commerce customer express their desires though a multitude of actions. 

Product Design & Prototyping

A Functional Design is a design that fulfills the needs of the customer, logistics and the manufacturer. We implement Design for Manufacturability and do quick prototyping in-house to improve product initial staged of design.

Brand Protection; Trademarks, Registration and Patents

Product protection is important to keep the competition away from new break throughs. There are two key ways to protect a product. Brand protection covers the perception your customer has towards the line of product(s) in a certain catalog are created. This is done though USPTO Trademark Registration. The creation of a novel product is done though Utility and Design Patents. 

Our products and our brands have both patents and brand registration.

Product Outsource & Manufacturing

Communication of a product to be manufactured by a factory outside our firm provides escalation to our business strategy. Our products are made in India, China and Mexico. 

Online Store Management

Whether a product has the potential to capture a large gap in the market outside a Sales Platform. A product brand webpage is designed and created. An example of our work with a brand is Nuestra Nostalgia (R). 

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Sales Outlets

Our products are sold in Amazon, Ebay and Shopify stores worldwide. 


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