Heidy Seoenz Bio

Made by Seoenz is a company that was founded by Heidy Seo & Juan Carlos Enriquez in 2015. We are a property management company in El Paso TX that specializes in short term rentals and turn over maintenance for online traveling agencies such as Airbnb. Our company serves the hospitality industry through products and services. As El Paso Airbnb Experts we offer educational workshops and consultations to lead new hosts to join this community. We currently manage over 30 properties between two countries and we design and remodel for Airbnb. We also own a hospitality, cleaning and maintenance branch for all of El Paso Airbnb turnover needs.

Heidy is the El Paso Airbnb Expert managing 30 properties in over two countries. Heidy is a Systems Engineering graduate from UTEP, has practical experience in Interior Design. Heidy is the Co founder of Made by Seoenz which is a construction company and also a hospitality cleaning and maintenance company focused on Airbnbs. They do e-commerce through Amazon and have also co founded the airbnb network where she teaches others on how to join the hospitality industry.

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