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Spain - Sep. 2018

Spain - Sep. 2018

The first stop to our Six Week Trip. We took off from LAX to Spain. We first planned to land in Barcelona, but due to a change in flight plans, we had to fly to Madrid.

…for most of our 6 week trip we took more video than pictures. They are still sitting on our hard drive.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2018. We landed in Madrid at 6:30PM, we had to readajust our itinerrary to catch up. We booked Metro tickets to Nuevos Ministerios where our Airbnb was. We had pizza and ice cream for dinner.

Item Cost
Metro Línea 8 (for 2) $20.70
Pizza and Ice Cream 10.5€
Airbnb for 1 night 55€


Wednesday Sep. 12, 2018. Next day we woke up and took a train to Sevilla, where we had breakfast and Heidy wanted to take care of a few girly things 💇🏼‍♀️. Heidy had scheduled a photo shoot though Airbnb. We had a light breakfast turkey sandwiches and water. I also needed to visit the drug store to take care of an eye itch. We took off to our Airbnb around noon by taxi to leave our backpacks before the photo shoot.

After getting the Airbnb, we met with our photographer. And as usual, Heidy shines in front of a camera ❤️. We had a good time walking around Plaza del Triunfo, Catedral de Sevilla, Torre de Oro, Puente de San Telmo, just to name a few.

Sevilla, Spain. Photoshoot of Heidy

Start of or Photoshop at Catedral de Sevilla

There are a lot of things to do in Sevilla, lots to see, lots to eat and drink.

Canal Alfonso XIII, Puerta de La Asuncion, Torre de Oro and Plaza del Cabildo
Canal Alfonso XIII, Puerta de La Asuncion, Torre de Oro and Plaza del Cabildo

After the photo shoot we had Tapas at La Primera del Puente it was delicious. We were introduced to a bottled drink Aquarius, which is a lightly effervescent lemonade.

We took a Taxi back to the Airbnb where we met with Heidy’s friend, Lindsey. We were tired from walking and the sun, we took a nap. At night we went to a local restaurant and had more of those addictive Tapas and Aquarius. We wondered around Sevilla admiring at the beutiful buildings and scenery.

Night view of the Canal Alfonso XIII
Night view of the Canal Alfonso XIII
Item Cost
Train Madrid – Sevilla (for 2) 100€
Light Breakfast 13€
Eye drops at Drug Store 6.25€
Hairdressing for Photoshoot 65€
Taxi 10€
Airbnb (2 nights) $158
Taxi 7€
Photo Shoot $110
Tapas @ La Primera del Puente 26€
Taxi 6€
Dinner Tapas @ Blanca Paloma $74
Grocery Store 11.10€

Thursday Sep. 13, 2018. Next day I woke up pretty early to look for a bank to exchange money. I went to BBVA, but they do not exchange without an account with them. Much different experience in Thailand, where they exchanged only with my passport.

I went back to the Airbnb where we all took a Taxi to Plaza del Triunfo where we had lunch at Blossom, which is an Andalusian Restaurant. We spent the rest of the day touring around the streets of Sevilla.

I bought wedding presents for my dad, and future father in law. While Heidy and Lindsey, scavenged around for dresses for the wedding in Malta.

Item Cost
Taxi to Plaza del Triunfo 12€
Tour Alcazar (for 3) 206€
Lunch (for 3) 54€
Taxi Airbnb 10€
Dinner @ Blossom (for 2) 41€
Taxi to Airbnb 16€


View of Toledo

Friday Sep 14, 2019. We were up at 5AM, and took a taxi to the train station. The Train took us to Madrid. On the way, we reserved our Airbnb for tonight. At the station we got a locker to place our bags because the Airbnb was not ready yet and we were going to our Tour of Alcazar first. We took a train to Toledo to catch our Toledo Tour at 12PM. We purchased a few goods before the tour at a souvenir shop.

Alcazar Tour Map
Alcazar Tour Map

The tour started at 12:30PM and took us to interesting churches, landmarks and historical museum. We saw the Museo de la Santa Cruz, we walked to the Iglesia de San Iidefonso (where I climbed the stairs all the way up), then we saw the Iglesia de Santo Tomas, Iglesia del Salvador, Plaza de Reyes Católicos and we finished at the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes. The tour had an extra, if we decided to stay at 5PM, there was a was to climb the Puerta de Bisagra, which is the monumental north entrance to Toledo.

Plaza de Cervantes, Toledo from Pase del Miradero, Rotunda from Puerta de Bisagra, Toledo from Iglesia Jesuita San Iidefonso, Alleys of Toledo.
Plaza de Cervantes, Toledo from Pase del Miradero, Rotunda from Puerta de Bisagra, Toledo from Iglesia Jesuita San Iidefonso, Alleys of Toledo.

After the tour in the Bisagra, we had drinks at Parque de “La Vega” and then we took a taxi to the train station to get back to Madrid.

Item Cost
Taxi to Train Station 15€
Train to Madrid 44€
Airbnb 153€
Locker 3.6€
Food 15€
Train to Toledo 21€
Toledo Tour 20€
Souvenirs 33€
Lunch (for 3) 35€
Drinks at park 10€
Taxi 6€


Embajadores, Madrid

Saturday Sep. 15, 2019 We were up late as we did not have many plans for the day, other than looking for a place for Heidy to have a massage. She was having trouble with her sciatic nerve. We had breakfast at a place close to the Airbnb and started our search for a massage. After multiple taxi rides, finally found one around 4PM. In the mean time we went to a museum close by.

After that we went to get dancing shoes from a popular place Heidy knew about on Facebook. The place had a promotion going on and she needed shoes for the wedding. We took a taxi back to the Airbnb to pick our bags and head to lunch and then to the airport.

Gautiers Dance Shoes, Puerta de Alcala, Madrid
Gautiers Dance Shoes, Puerta de Alcala, Madrid
Item Cost
Breakfast 24€
All taxis looking for massage 24€
Massage 78€
Taxi to Shoe Store 7€
Shoes 60€
Taxis 16€
Lunch 35€
Taxi to Airport 35€
Flight to Barcelona (for 2) 150€
Taxi to hotel 36€
Hotel (2 night) 174€


Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

Sunday Sep 16, 2018 We took a taxi to the Sagrada Familia, but before heading in, we had some snacks. We got to the Sagrada Familia around 4PM and took the elevator up to the towers.

Sagrada Familia: Picture from the inside, North View from Avenida de Gaudi, South View, Acceso General View and view of Barcelona from the Towers.
Sagrada Familia: Picture from the inside, North View from Avenida de Gaudi, South View, Acceso General View and view of Barcelona from the Towers.

We eventually had breakfast at 8PM, at a place on Avenida Gaudi. It was expensive, but pretty good. While sorting through our messages of the day, we were getting ready for Malta. Friends and family were sending us pictures of their flights to Malta. We were anxious to see them. Around 9:30PM we decided to head to our hotel, just making a stop to get water bottles for the night.

Item Price
Taxi to the Sagrada Familia 30€
Snacks 20€
Sagrada Familia Tower Elevator (for2) 58€
Late breakfast at Villa Caprice 55.5€
Taxi back to Hotel 21€
Water 7.3€

Monday Sep 17, 2018 I woke up to get food near a McDonalds. We decided to have a late check out because our flight was going to be late. We took a taxi to the airport around 2:30PM.

This is the end of our trip to Spain, but only the beginning of our 6 week trip overseas. At the airport, I made a car reservation for Malta.

Item Cost
McDonalds 18€
Late Check out 15€
Taxi 25€
Farmacy 6.5€
Flight to Malta (for 2) $203
Car Rental Malta 232€

As we were coming to an end to our Pre-Honeymoon we were getting ready for our wedding. Most of the wedding planning was done by Heidy and her wedding planner. On the last dinners in Spain we sat down to finish the last details of the wedding, like seating arrangement and room arrangement of everybody. More than anything, we were anxious to see our family and closest friends at our next stop. We both were getting messages of their flights and stops towards Malta while in Spain. Spain was a great, it had delicious food, drinks and astonishing landmarks, but we were ready to take the next step.

...Our Wedding.