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Good morning, guys. This is side hustles by Seoenz. Today we'll talk about how to start your Airbnb step by step. And today we're going to have Heidy Seo, an Airbnb ambassador in El Paso, Texas, to discuss and give us examples on how to start your Airbnb. She has been in Airbnb for a couple of years and today she is going to talk about a guide, a simple guide that is going to introduce you to Airbnb. With no further ado, I'm going to give the introduction to Heidy Seo. So, she will talk about what's up and she'll introduce this topic today.
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Hi, I'm Heidy. Okay, so very quickly, I want to walk you guys through how to start just your Airbnb, without much investment, without anything, and pretty much just go out there and start. So, the reason we decided to do this again, was because we got so many questions and people just wanting to learn more, and how do I actually get started? But you know what, I don't have much money to invest, and how can I make it work? Right. So that was the main reason why we decided to do this guide. And it's not a perfect guide, it's just something I just put together really quickly, so that we could show you guys and maybe get you started. So, what's going to be the first step? It is;


  •   Do you have a property?
  •   Do you have a spare room in your home?
  •   Are you leasing an apartment, and you have an extra bedroom that you're not using?
None of these options require you to buy a new property, or remodel or anything like that. All of these are just about what do you have that you can actually put on Airbnb? The main thing would just be, maybe you have a spare room. And I think that most people may have that. And I think that's the main reason why I wanted to do this because some of the questions that I got went like,
 “I just have a spare room, and how can I figure out a way to offer a spare room, but you know I also live there, so what do I do?” 
You’re going to have a shared space. So, what I mean by that it’s maybe it's your guest room. But you're going to only have one kitchen, you know, you probably do have multiple bathrooms in your home. But I think the main shared space will be your kitchen and your living area. Before COVID everything was so simple, so friendly, everything was fine. We would sing Kumbaya because it was just a way to meet travelers and make new friends and a lot of retired people, they will be making a passive income and just meet new people, make friends and have someone to chat with. It was just a very nice experience. So, obviously, when COVID hit, most of those shared rooms completely closed down. But now, one year later, they're slowly opening up again. So that's why I'm here to tell you it's okay, if you have a shared space, you can still do Airbnb, as long as the room that you're offering, it's private. If that room is private, it has its own door, then I think it's a good idea to put it on Airbnb. Just stated right off the bat that, you know, our kitchen will be shared and our living area will be shared. Most people might just need a place to crash. But in any case, that they want to make breakfast, they want to just watch some TV, just if you don't feel comfortable, you could always just wear your mask, right? while you have a guest. And I do recommend always sanitizing your whole house. There are multiple ways to do that now. It’s easy and convenient now to always just have a clean home. So that's going to be the number one step.


 My number two, it's not really a step. But I do recommend it, I live by it, go on to Thanks for visiting, and join their email lists, listen to their podcast. I mean, they, these girls are amazing. I wish I would have known about them, when I just started hosting Airbnb, that would have been so cool. I would have done so many things differently. Because they show you everything that could possibly go well and go wrong. I think that's a blessing in disguise. So definitely go check them out on their website If you're just thinking about starting an Airbnb, you're not there yet, you just want to start hosting, then definitely this podcast is so eye-opening, and it's very rewarding. I'm going to use a lot of their templates, I'm going to use a lot of their info that they've given me throughout this year that I've been listening to them. And what I did was that I bought these templates, right, I'm not going to give them out, because I don't think that would be fair. But they do have a couple of templates that are free on their website that you can definitely download. I'm just going to show you like a quick screenshot of what it is, just so you get an idea. And of course, if you have any further questions, later on, you can always reach back to me. We can figure something out, either by me being an Airbnb ambassador for you or also being your co-host. So, we can always do that as well. But I'm definitely very grateful that I found them, and just go check them out, guys.


 So now, we're going to go to step number three. This is your home, and you probably already have it furnished, and that will be a big plus because you're not just getting this space to rent, you're actually live here, this is your house, and you just have an extra room.  “You know what all the kids have gone and it's just me and my husband now and we have a couple of rooms extra or maybe just one extra”. So definitely, that will be the best thing, you already have it furnished, it's already in your home, instead of going out and buying a new mattress, if you feel this mattress is still good to go, then what I recommend doing, is just to go and buy a mattress protector. So those mattress protectors, you can, most of the time wash, there's some that are plastic that is also really good. It’s just those mattress protectors that are really nice. If maybe you don't have the money to buy a new mattress, or you think that it's in a really good state and you just need a mattress protector. I totally understand if you don't want to go buy a new mattress, but definitely put some sort of mattress protection or mattress cover that you know, makes the guests feel clean and that it's not just this old mattress there. So definitely I recommend doing that. 


Step four we're going to talk about an essential checklist that Thanks for visiting, gives out for free. You can download them again on their website. This Airbnb startup checklist it’s a lot of things and of course you don't have to buy everything and most of these things you will already have in your home. It goes through, the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, it tells you everything that should be included in your Airbnb. You don't have to have all these things. If you think that, you know, maybe it's redundant, or already have those, then you don't have to buy it, but this is just a checklist for you to start, what do I need? how can I make this feel welcome? And, as I mentioned before, maybe you forgot to leave a wine opener or a can opener. Having this checklist really guides you and makes sure that you don't forget anything. I love this checklist, when I'm starting a new Airbnb listing, this is going to be the best thing. Go to their website, and you can download that for free. And then now once you know that you have this room, that it's in a good position, it's great to put on Airbnb, even if it's not decorated, you know, those details, we can sort them out later. But at least you know you have a potential room, then we can go and using my link you can join and become an Airbnb host.


I'm an Airbnb ambassador, I can guide you and help you through your first booking, having your first guest through that door, and I'll guide you through step by step how to get there. So definitely use my link and I'll be happy to show you the ropes of this. Thatsythe Airbnb link that Airbnb gives out to us hosts to recommend new hosts. So now we have it, you know, you set up, you already joined Airbnb, even if you already had an Airbnb account, now you're going to become a host. So that's going to be different although it's still the same app, it's still the same website. But of course, you get a lot of different options to manage your listing. Then we're going to go and NOW we make it pretty. Now we make your room, we're working together, me and you, and I can just give you some details. As a designer, we don't have to bring down walls, we don't have to paint, maybe we can, if you want to paint. But we don't have to do a lot of things, maybe just add a couple of artwork, maybe just do bedding, a bedding set, do those nice pillows, and then do the karate chop and just have make it so pretty, that people will want to stay there. That they'll be comfortable and feel welcome in your space. 


Once we make it pretty, that's when we take pictures, and the ideal time to take pictures will be during the day. Because you get the natural sunlight and it's great. So always take pictures on landscape. That's another thing I know that a lot of hosts will tell you don't take pictures with your phone, get a professional photographer and I wish all this time that I've had the budget to actually hire a photographer because Airbnb does that for you, you can hire them and then, of course, pay them through Airbnb. But throughout this time, we've wanted to and just we still haven't found the budget to do all of that for each listing. So, I've just taken pictures on my phone. I just use my iPhone and it takes nice pictures. Now they have this zoom out option that helps get a broader picture. I mean if that's all you have, just use your iPhone, use your phone, your Samsung, whatever it is, whatever phone you're using. 
Then later after we take those nice pictures and we have it ready. Then I'll show you what to write in your description, on your title, to make sure that people want to stay here or click on it. But as I've said, it's either the pictures that get people through that door or the description listing, and I try to do both. On some of my listings, I have really nice pictures. And I also have a very thorough description of what's going on and what to expect. Then that’ll be on me showing you how to do that, and how to describe your listing. I'll be asking you some questions about how you live there, right. So that's a good thing, because if there's a lot of noise, or maybe next door, your neighbor has, I don't know, a rooster or something that just sings in the middle of the day or stuff like that. Some people will like to know, maybe they won't, but at least we know that information, and then we'll make a decision, we definitely tell the guests what to expect. And that's, I think that's the most important thing. If maybe you have an old tub or something that might be a liability, that's always a good thing to put on there and make sure that people do know what to expect. So in my experience, I always let people know that we are downtown, and that there’s the convention center, and that we are in the entertainment district. Before COVID, it was very high traffic, a lot of noise and I just made sure that they knew what they were coming to, because if they were coming to rest and making sure it's going to be quiet, then definitely this wasn't the place for them, they needed to find another Airbnb because here wouldn't have been quite at all. Now that it’s very quiet, it's kind of surprising, but I didn't remove that from my listing, because maybe it'll pick up again, here in downtown. Then they’ll be mad that you know, it's not quiet, and I wanted to be here and sleep, you never know. So, it's better to always just put it out there, just in case. 


Now that we have everything set up and you're good to go with the pictures, with the description on your listing, now we have to choose the right price. Airbnb gives you the option to use their pricing tool, which is called Smart pricing. I don't recommend doing that, because I've noticed that they don't really modify depending on what's going on. And they also always lowball you. So, I don't do that. What I do, is that I've checked out I've paid for this tool, but they give me an idea of how much to charge. So, as we see here, this is the zip code 79903. And that one, it's for our duplex. So, this is monthly revenue. Here are the total listings that are live, and how much money they're bringing to El Paso. It looks like it's around $277,000 per month. And then, we have around 464 listings live. The average rate is $64 per night. So, $64, I would say it's very low, if you have a one-bedroom, one bath as an entire home. But for a private room, which is what you might be doing, you only have a spare room and you're sharing kitchen and washer and living area, then that's a good price. That's a good price too, because it’s a share space with a private bedroom, in other words they're not going to be by themselves. So definitely it's different. But if you have an entire home that you want to do I think it's saying that it's like the average nightly rate is $67 that's too low. That's definitely too low. I don't really put $67, I think I always range between, maybe 70 to 90/95. And throughout the time, I do give some discounts out. But again, that's just the nightly rate, you could also have to add on the cleaning fee and taxes, and the Airbnb service fee. So again, it just depends, it varies, and it mostly varies depending on the area that you have your home. So that's going to be the main thing, where are you located? And then again, you can totally see that this is back in October 2020. And you can see that there's definitely zero shared rooms, because of COVID. Right, so no one is actually listing their properties to share a space with them like living in that same bedroom. It’s just the times before it was definitely different. 
Now we talk about Airbnb giving you the option to, once you are ready to go live on your listing, it tells you this is a one-time deal. Do you want to offer 20% to your three first guests, always say yes, because this is the way for Airbnb, to get people through your door, and also, to get them to write a great review. So again, it's very hard to book a place that doesn't have a review. By offering this discount, you get people in the door, and then you get your first few reviews. By then you're maybe a five-star listing and that's the way to go! So definitely do that; always say yes to offering that 20% discount. And that is the reason why I also don't put my price too low, when I just start, because if I put it too low, maybe if I do $60 per night, then you have to do the 20% discount, so now you're lower than you were expecting. It's just that you know, this is a business and you're trying to get your investment or up that revenue. There is nothing wrong with giving a discount, just make sure you don't put it too low, where then you're not really making any money. And that's going to be the main thing, you know, price it right so that you have that good pricing. Although if you offer discounts from time to time, you won’t feel like you're losing money.
Next step is the cleaning fee. Always, add a cleaning fee. Before, when I started, I never had a cleaning fee. I was hiring someone to do the cleaning for me, I just wasn't charging the guests. I was adding that sort of cleaning fee into the nightly rate. I don't recommend doing that. I don't because then you're always way too high, than your other competitors. The reason is because you're not charging a cleaning fee, but you're putting it in that nightly rate. It’s harder to get people in the door when they see the nightly rate being so high. So do a moderate average nightly rate and then add your cleaning fee, if you're going to be doing the cleaning yourself and you don't think that you need to charge much that's fine $15 to $20 just for cleaning, it's okay when you're starting. Once you obviously hire someone else, then you have to bring up that cleaning fee so that the person that's actually working for you can make a living wage out of it, right? At the beginning, make sure that it is spotless, because that what's going to happen with your reviews. The best Airbnb, the more spotless it is, the great communication you have, is what is going to make the biggest difference. People are going to pick you out of the bucket because of those reasons. So, make sure to do that. To add that cleaning fee and then also add sanitizing, right, so of course, we're not charging extra because we're sanitizing. But because of COVID, make sure you either use Lysol, or you buy those guns that sanitize, or we bought a whole backpack, because we just needed to sanitize a lot of rooms. So, figure out a way to sanitize your space and continue the cleaning regimen because it's going to be amazing! This is the new standard of cleaning, the standard people expect it to be spotless and sanitized. So always keep that in mind. 


And then what we would do is that I would ask a friend, probably if I were to be my friend, I would ask me, because I think I'm one of the most honest friends that you'll have. I say it, you know how it is. But I always ask, you know, my friend, I've asked my friend Alejandra and she's stayed with her boyfriend, you know, as soon as it's ready, I'm like, you know what, go stay there, check it out, bring just an overnight bag. And stay here and enjoy and tell me what I'm missing. Tell me something that that you're missing, and that you couldn't find, you know, if it was maybe toilet paper, there wasn't enough, or I was trying to cook soup, and I didn't find you know, a pan or whatever, you know, so just always, I tell her to give all give me all the details. So, this is also a checklist done by my great friends, Thanks for visiting. And you know, they just give you like this quick checklist to give your friends and be like, Hey, you know what, check all of these things for me, please. You're staying here, watch TV, get connected to the internet, try to do some work, try to do a live stream, cook a meal, take a shower, read our welcome book or our blog, and use all the seeing slip in the bed and use the provided bedding and pillows, use a few outlets to make sure that they all work. This did happen to me once that it wasn't working. And we didn't know because no one used it. And it was the one in the shower in the bathroom.
So, I guess no one just connected the hairdryer. And then finally someone did and we just went ahead and we fixed it. But you know, that's something that it's true, it's very important, check the outlets connect stuff to the outlets and make sure that they're working. And then take any liberties to check under everything under the bed. Open all the drawers you know, check the closet see what maybe Oh, it wasn't clean here. It wasn't clean there. Oh, you're missing something and always check for everything. Make coffee, make tea, make hot chocolate, make something with what we provide, we usually either provide a Keurig coffee, or we just do you know instant coffee or just a typical coffee maker. But we try to offer all those things throughout our listing. And then we will leave the bottle of wine for them to enjoy. I think I've always left like maybe three different bottles of wine, not because I want them to get drunk or anything but just because we all have different tastes in wine and personally, I like Moscato. I don't even know if I'm allowed to say that. But I like white wine. I'm advertising here advertising wine on an early morning. So that's definitely what we recommend doing.


So, the next thing will be your welcome book or your blog. And when we just started, you know doing Airbnb, I was getting all of this question all the time. And it was the same questions. Oh, what can I one does in El Paso? Is there something to do? Where should I go? Where should I shop? Where should I get my groceries? yada yada. And then, it was just like me answering every time copying and pasting from Yelp or something like that. So, I remember telling my husband about this situation that I was having. So, he went on and he started a blog, and it's called and he did this I don't even know what time. But he did this for us. And, you know, he did the let's talk food and we gave all those great restaurants around downtown, everything, you know, within maybe a walking distance or like maybe like a one two-mile radius from here. So that's, that's one of the things that we did. And then the other one was tipped for a long term stay in the Union Plaza District. So again, I've had a lot of people, especially now with travelling nurses, I've had a lot of people asking, you know, where can I go do grocery shopping, where can I do this, where is there a pharmacy, blah, blah, blah. So, we did this for them, so that they knew how to get to and how to get back. And in each listing in each block, if you click on it, and then you go to maybe just you choose that restaurant, it'll take you directly to the maps. And I think that's a very cool thing, because you don't have to worry about googling it or something like that, you just click on it, and it takes you directly to it. So. then the last one that we did back then was our top five food for drinks visit, and to visit the food and the drinks. So, you know, before then I was not pregnant. And we were going out and we were having fun. And you know, so we knew the bars around the area, there's a lot of things close by here in downtown. So, we're very central, and it's close to everything. So that was another thing that we were doing. And you know, it was just nice. And I was so grateful that he did this, because now what I would do is they would ask and I would just send them the link to our blog, here's our blog, check it out. And you know, and that's amazing.
And a lot of people were thankful for that because it was working great. So, it's still working great for us, but we have only done that for Downtown. The other one that I did it for was Playa Del Carmen. And I actually put my brother up to this, he stayed in Playa for around two months. And I was like, that's going to be your job. You have to tell me where to go what to do, what beaches are the best, you know, what bars what anything related to having a good time and having a fun time in Playa Del Carmen. So, he did that for me. And I added that to Airbnb only which you're able to do that as a guidebook. So that's pretty cool to do. And then, after you do your welcome book or your blog, and I get these things, they don't have to be off the bat. You don't have to do it before you list your space. You know, it's a work in progress, you start getting those questions, and then you figure out a way to, okay, let's just have somewhere that they can look at it and, and have all the information so that they're not, you know, either asking or just not wanting to ask and you know, having that doubt in their mind, like, Oh, we should have just asked them or something. So definitely do something like that later on if you're not very techie or, we do have also a welcome book guide that Thanks for visiting, actually shared with that. So that's pretty cool to do! And then the other thing that they also gave us was this Wi-Fi template. Just always make sure that the Wi-Fi template, it's there and anywhere, in the house as long as it's visible because I think that's one of my most common questions before I had it was that you know, what's the Wi-Fi password? So as long as you have it somewhere, make sure that it's there. And because everybody's going to need Wi-Fi. Everybody's going to use your Wi-Fi. Everybody's going to need the Wi-Fi. So, make sure that you have it.


Moving on. Now you're going to welcome your first guest, right? You already got it on Airbnb, you took the pictures, you got the description, you made sure that you have the Wi-Fi template, you added the cleaning and your friend already checked in. So now what do we do? I sometimes leave the wine, but you can also do a welcome basket. Or maybe just a thank you card. And this is the thing that I do. It's also from Thanks for visiting. I had done it before, they gave me this checklist, but when they gave me this checklist, I definitely added some of those things that weren’t added then. So, what I do is that I leave it as a welcome basket, the forgot basket, so I don't leave this forgot basket inside the bathroom, because most likely they won't see it, or they'll just think it's yours and that you're not really supposed to use it. So no, I leave the forgot basket on top of the bed, or maybe on the living room, somewhere they can see it for sure. And then I leave a little card and say you know what, you're welcome to use any of this, if you forgot something, it will save you a trip down to the drugstore, or anything. So, you're welcome to use anything that I provide for you and that's great. So sometimes what I do is that I put the wine bottle inside that basket along with all those forgotten things and it's great, I've gotten great compliments about it, you know, it doesn't have to be fancy, they don't have to be expensive stuff, I do a lot of disposable, I run to the drugstore, I mean to the Dollar Tree a lot, and just get whatever I'm missing. So, the Dollar store, it's your best friend, when you're trying to just get ready everything and those things, you know, I provide won't cost you much, maybe it's going to be like 10 bucks, you know, 15 bucks extra. But maybe they won't use any of it. Or maybe they will and they'll be thankful for it. And that's going to get you that great review that you need, so that your listing can get more people through that door. So, then we start with having a great communication.
So once your guest has checked in, you're not there anymore, right? Maybe you're there, maybe you're in your room, maybe you don't want to go to the kitchen, because they're there, maybe they're in the living area, you know what have you. But that's okay. You always have to just be available, either through phone, text, or Airbnb messaging. And as long as you have great communication with your guests, I'm sure they're going to leave you a great review. And they're going to feel welcome and comfortable staying in your home. So definitely do that. I think that's the most important thing. For me, I think that's been my lifesaver, most of the time. If something happens, I'm always there. If maybe, something happened with the plumbing, or we had to get them out soon because something was going on, I always gave, you know, I always face them, I brought up a nice, you know, gift basket. And that gift basket, it's always full of books and a Dulce de Leche that my father-in-law makes. So, I always try to bring them some treats that they will enjoy. And you know, and forgive me for whatever it is that happened because of course, we don't plan for bad stuff to happen while they're staying here. But it's always nice to take responsibility and show up and just be that nice, great super host that you're hoping to be. So just keep that great communication. We have some canned responses that I've used. Throughout this time.
I definitely use this app called Smart B&B. And from Smart B&B, I believe Thanks for visiting got their canned responses, because they're very similar. So, I do that. And I invested in this app, it's not expensive. But I didn't do it at the beginning. I didn't even know it existed. So, I would just reply out, Airbnb gives you this tool in your messages that you can add certain responses already. And then you can just name them and then add the message, so in that way, you don't have to write them out every single time. You can just go there and then you can just click on it and they'll just send that message. It won't automatically send it when someone's asking you a question or anything but you can always just go in there and that supposedly they just book your place. So instead of it being dead silent, you know radio silence, then you can actually just go in there, click on that and then just send that edit it before, you're sending it of course, because you're going to have to edit their name and the dates that they're going to plan and checking in. But definitely do that. That's one of the great things that this app has, that they do send it automatically. But if not, then you can always just, you know, add that messaging, and that warning, and it's going to be great. So, it'll be great for that great communication to have with that guest.
Moving on, we already got the guest. Let's go back. We already got the guests through. Airbnb, they already checked in, you had great communication with them. And then we're here now their checkout, right, they check out, they leave. And you say, you know, thank you for staying here. And now it's cleaning time. So, there's this turnover handbook that Thanks for visiting has, and it's just great. It shows you step by step what to do. I think I really like what they did herewith, which is overall, you know, what are you supposed to do once your guest leaves, you're supposed to walk through the property. And you know, and write down any damages or any excessive mess to the hosts, if they left a very heavy footprint, or if they left everything clean and tidy. Also, make sure to notice that because when you write that review to that guest you have to give an honest review. Honest reviews are what makes better hosts. But us hosts depend on those honest reviews, if you always just give five stars to everyone, regardless if they left your place, you know, a mess, or if they broke stuff, then you're not doing anyone a favor, you're just hurting the rest of the hosting community, because now I'm going to probably get that terrible guest and they're going to do the same thing to me. And if they do the same thing to me, you know, if I could have prevented that from happening to other hosts, I always do. So always, you know, keep it an honest review. But always write down everything or take pictures, always take pictures if they left a mess, if they broke anything, take pictures, that's what you are going to need in order to make a claim through Airbnb. So, it rarely happens. I can definitely say this out of my maybe 300 reviews, I've had over like 600 stays I think maybe like five have been like, what the hell happened here? You know, and it's it hasn't been a lot going on. So don't expect that to be in a horrible position. Just you know, it's always going to be great. But always make sure to keep honest reviews when you do get that bad guest.
Okay, then the next thing is toss, donate, remove any condiments, food or beverages left behind. And the other one will be pouring any gifts or thank you cards left behind to the host or maybe they won't leave any gifts but definitely just report anything that has happened back and always report back on it. And then now we're going to go to review your guests. So again, I just spoke briefly about it keep an honest review. I used to have this template done for me where I would just you know, if they left the place spotless or clean and tidy and they were responsible and there were no damages or anything I would always just try and like you know just change the guest's name and do this review for them. I did a couple you know sometimes I will meet them sometimes I did until then I will just you know tailor it depending on that person. But it was just an easy way to give that review out as long as they were very good at the place and they left everything in a great situation. So do that.
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 And then to close off, I'm going to show you the income report of, supposable, what you could make from Airbnb by listing your space. So here in El Paso, Texas, if you host your entire place. So again, this is a home you're not going to be living there for four guests, you could earn up to around, you know, 16 $100 a month, those numbers change, if now it's not an entire place, and now it's just a private room inside your home, you know, of course, it's going to be lower, it's always cheaper when you're just, you know, renting one private bedroom, instead of the entire home. But keep that in mind, this doesn't say how many bedrooms it has to have, this is only saying that you're renting your entire place, your entire home for four guests. So, in a one-bedroom apartment, I'm able to fit four guests, because I have the bedroom, I have the living area, the kitchen, and the bathroom, right. So, what I do is that, you know, I have maybe a king-size bed or a queen-size bed in the bedroom, in that living area, I usually add a trundle bed, or a day bed, where you know, it's two single beds on top of each other, and you know, that there will be four guests three and four. So, we do give that option, obviously, it's not like it's going to happen a lot. But in any case, that there are bringing for guests, you know, they have a place to sleep. So, it doesn't really matter about, oh, I need to get more, maybe add an inflatable bed or a sofa bed, you know, but just try and see if, if there's a way that you can add more people, if you have enough square footage, if it's too tiny, tiny home or something, don't, because they're not going to be comfortable, all crammed up together. And then I'm going to just show you guys my profile on Airbnb, and, just for you to get an idea of what's it like so, you know, it shows how many reviews I have, it shows my rating, and then you know, you can briefly see just some of the listings that I have. And of course, those listings, there are two-bedroom, one bath and the price is higher than the average, because it's a d, but it's a two-bedroom and I still only allow four guests. Just because it's a two-bedroom doesn't mean I have eight people, no, this is a two-bedroom, one bath, and my maximum are four guests, I am not in the business to just getting heads in beds, to just make more money. That's not what we do. That's not what I like.
So, I definitely want them to feel comfortable, and have enough space to have a good stay. So that's an example that I wanted to show you guys. You know, you briefly see my intro my introduction to my guests. And then the other thing that I wanted to show you would be my reviews. So with this, you know, this just briefly I know it's hard to you know, read it fast or something, I just want to show you what it what it's going to look like once you list your space on Airbnb so you know, that will be your profile, you have your profile with all of your listings, or just maybe that one listing and then once you get to that review part, you know, you're going to have that review on your profile and more people are able to see them so maybe, you know later on if you are adding more lists all of your reviews are going to go together. It's not going to be separated individually unless you click on that specific listing. But in any case, you know that that's how it's going to go. So, thank you so much for having me, I noticed it was longer than expected but it's a lot of work I would say and it does take some time you know it's not as just get on there. But I hope this is very helpful if you guys have any questions let me know later on. And we'll be happy to reply to anything that's going on with you guys.
Speaker: JC  49:15
Okay, so this was Airbnb, step by step guide on how to start your first Airbnb. Thank you so much. And we'll see you on the next live show. Thank you. Bye


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