Airbnb Location Rentals: The Union Plaza Loft

Airbnb Location Rentals: The Union Plaza Loft

As we talk about location rentals, I thought who better to talk to than Heidy since she knows what it's like to have a venue listed on Airbnb. I recently interviewed Heidy, an Airbnb expert in El Paso Texas. This blog will focus on how Airbnb has become a convenient platform for listing a location rental, and you will learn about amazing wedding venues as well as some tips from Heidy on choosing a great wedding venue.


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What are Location Rentals?

Location rentals are when you can rent out your space for an hourly rate rather than a nightly stay (For example, a venue is a location rental).

  • For instance, if you have a particularly lovely backyard, you could probably rent it out. You can rent it out so that others can use your backyard, for a wedding or for a photo shoot.

Basically, location rental means that you have a location that you can rent hourly, regardless of the time, and you can rent it for a higher price or at a higher rate by renting it hourly. Isn’t it cool?


Why should you list your venue on Airbnb?

  • Airbnb has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2008. This home-sharing platform now has over 5 million listings worldwide, many of which are single-family homes and investment properties.
  • If you've been considering listing your house or any beautiful place of yours on the site, it could be a smart way to supplement your annual income with a property you already own.
  • The added income is most likely the most significant benefit of listing your home on the Airbnb platform. Furthermore, the site allows you to set your own pricing and adjust it as you see fit (during in-demand times and holidays). There's even a "Smart Pricing" tool that considers local demand and can assist you in determining the appropriate price.
  • Listing your home on the site is also free, so there are no expensive sign-up fees or membership dues if you just want to try it out.  You simply list your home, set your price, and share it with others.
  • It also provides a great deal of flexibility. You are not required to host 24 hours a day, and you can choose which days to offer to potential guests. You can even sync your listing with an existing calendar to ensure that it corresponds to your personal schedule. You can also set your own house policies and decide how much or how little of your property to share.

Does Airbnb provide properties other than houses?

Yes, they definitely do! 

Airbnb offers a wide range of properties such as:

  • ·         Resorts, Hotels, Boutique hotels 
  • ·         Bungalows and houses
  • ·         hostel accommodations and guest suites
  • ·         Villas 
  • ·         serviced apartment
  • ·         Cottages
  • ·         Guesthouses
  • ·         Townhouses etc…

Role of Airbnb in Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, Airbnb can be of great help and assistance, from finding a place for you to stay on your wedding night to finding a house to share with your closest family and friends, finding local accommodation for guests, and even finding a place to get married.

Whenever you think about finding a wedding venue on Airbnb, you'll need to keep in mind that all the venues may not be geared towards weddings, so you'll need to anticipate what your guests will experience, and you'll need to put in more effort than hiring a traditional wedding venue.

Keep in mind that not all Airbnb venues are designed with weddings in mind, so you may need to plan ahead of time for the small details for your big day. For example, what kind of tableware do they have? What’s the lighting like? Are the chairs suitable for wedding guests, and can the room be rearranged? These are just a few of the questions you should think about and ask your host.

So here Heidy’s ‘The Union Plaza Loft’ comes into the picture!

Yes ‘The Union Plaza Loft’ is the name of her venue. ‘The Union Plaza Loft’ a loft venue is located in downtown El Paso, behind the baseball stadium the Chihuahua's baseball stadium, right on the corner of San Antonio Street and Durango Street. 

So, what makes ‘The Union Plaza Loft’ so special?

  •         The Union Plaza Loft offers a bridal suite upstairs at a very reasonable price. They also have a great collaboration with photographers and videographers. 

“The venue looks beautiful inside out. Also, it looks completely different during the day. Lilian is one of our great photographers. She is from Atelier Photography and she is originally from El Paso itself.”

Choosing a wedding venue is like buying a house. As a result, although the pictures will sell you the property, you won't be compensated if you visit it yourself. Right?

“An onsite tour is the best way to get a sense of the property and envision yourself hosting a wedding, your special day there. So, yes, we do show the venues on an appointment basis as well. Moreover, I show the union plaza district in our Prospects because there are just so many great spots here at the union plaza district all around.”- Heidy

  • This is an industrial venue so there are great places where you could take great pictures and as this is an industrial venue you would witness the black bricks as well.
  • Also, the string lights have a touch of elegance with chandeliers, and then there is exposed piping, which gives it a more industrial look.
  • Moreover, in the union plaza district, you'll find more black railing and brick on the outside of the buildings. The scenery you'll see there will definitely make you want to take pictures.

To Find out more about Heider and her beautiful venues. You can reach her at …… or visit her website at if you have any questions.

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Some Bonus TIPS! 

  • If you are considering Airbnb for your wedding planning, you should think about what you want and why you are using it: unique wedding venues, larger venues with onsite accommodations, or a venue that you can hire for the week?
  • While there are many options on Airbnb, the downside is that many of them are not wedding venues, and some may simply allot venues to you even if they are not set up for such an event. 
  • When finding a wedding venue, do keep in mind that a wedding planner can be very helpful as they can take care of things that a traditional venue will already have in place.
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