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DIY Sliding Barn Door

How to make a Barn Door


Today we are making a sliding barn door!

We will list the materials we used in a link below. We started by cutting plywood siding panel 35in by 7ft, the size of the panel will depend on your doorway. We used 1 by 6’s to make the frame of the door. From some leftover wood of the 1 by 6 we made the final barn door design. It was glued with liquid nail and secured with Brad nails. It was sanded with an 80 grit and 220 grit. We then applied Honey Minwax Stain with a cloth. We used the leftover siding panel and cut it to the size of the rail. We attached it to the 2 by 4 studs of the house. We had to sand and stain that piece of plywood as well. Once the rail was attached to the wall we installed the wheels to the barn door and hanged the door on the rail.

There you have it! A complete DIY barn door.

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List of items used:

1 Plywood Siding Panel ($35)

3 1in x 6in x 10ft Boards ($11 EACH)

1 Minwax Stain - Honey ($8)

1 6ft Barn Door Rail ($37)

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